Drastically Reduce Anxiety With This Intervention

Anxiety can leave a person feeling as if they are drowning.  It sweeps over the body with intensity – each wave larger than the next.  But how you think about each wave completely changes whether you sink or swim.  And it is as simple as that.  Change the thought pattern and you change the feeling.

Improve Your Child’s Focus With Natural Interventions


School: Sit.  Study.  Sit.  Study.  After school: Scheduled organized activity.  Sit. Study.  It is no wonder our children and teens have difficulty focusing when nearly their entire day is centered around sitting and staring at chalk boards, computers, phones and televisions.  And when they aren’t being occupied by screens they are scheduled from morning until evening.  What I can tell you is this – no healthy child will be able to focus and concentrate for an extended amount of time when their growing brain is not allowed downtime necessary for normal development.
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Do This And Feel Better About Yourself As A Parent

If you don’t struggle as a parent then you must be doing something wrong.  Or that is what I like to tell myself on the occasion.  Okay, weekly.  Maybe make that daily.  Child therapist or not, I struggle.  In fact because I do carry that clinical license I feel I shouldn’t be struggling at all.  I am the professional.  I should have all the answers.  This kind of thinking only deepens my well of guilt and wrongdoing.  When it comes to my own kids I am just like the rest of you.  I find myself questioning and second guessing.  And I go back to the drawing board again and again.
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Help Your Child Soak Away Anxiety And Stress

Reducing anxiety and chronic stress can be as easy as drawing a bath.  The antidote: magnesium in the form of Epsom Salt. 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.   Once an abundant nutrient found in our soil, magnesium has rapidly declined in our environment leaving many doctors and scientists to believe that all people should be supplementing this essential mineral. Magnesium is necessary for proper cognitive function. In other words, if you want your brain to work as it should you must ensure your diet includes magnesium.
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How A Hug Promotes Calmness

Hug it out.  No really. Hug it out.  There is a simple reason why we crave human contact and affection – it calms us.  A hug from a safe, caring adult sets off a cascade of biology that recalibrates our child’s body.  The same works for teens and adults alike.  Humans are wired for real-life social connectivity something we have less of in the era of social media.
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The Moms Of Moods And Foods 4 Kids

Tell me a little bit about your background and family?
My husband and I have three little boys (7, 6, and 3) and live just outside of Chicago. I am a former middle school/high school teacher who eventually went into educational publishing and software development. I recently left my full time job and took on a freelance role so that I can be at home more and have a little more involvement in the day to day happenings at our house and in the kids’ school! We are a very active family! My husband and I are both runners and he played hockey through college. As one might expect, our kids now play hockey several days a week, and my husband and I do our best to stay in shape with regular workouts. We are out and about in the town we live in as well as in the city.  And we enjoy traveling immensely…even with the kids, believe it or not! We believe strongly in teaching by example and living a healthy lifestyle so that we can continue to explore and adventure for many, many years to come!
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3 Ways Your Teen’s Mental Health Impacts Their Sexual Health For Life

Not many topics can make parents possibly more uncomfortable than those of sexual health and mental health.  But I am about to tell you why you should adjust your comfort meter and snuggle in for a chat.
First of all, we don’t want any confusion.  Blank stares and stuttering over the subject of sexual health will not leave your child completely confident in your ability to fill them in with accurate and trustworthy details.  The last thing we want to do is direct them to Snapchat as a resource. So here we go.  It will be okay I promise.  I’m a therapist.  Just breathe your way through it.

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Try This Free Antidepressant With Your Kids

When children and adults are living with depression it can be difficult to motivate yourself and family to move.  But move you must. Exercise is proven to be as effective if not more effective than medication in the treatment of depression.  Absolute fact.  NCBI illustrates the following in several peer-reviewed studies: “Following 16 weeks of treatment, groups did not differ in their level of depressive symptoms, suggesting that exercise and standard antidepressant treatments were equally effective. Interestingly, a follow-up examination of these participants conducted 10 months after the completion of the treatment period showed that participants in the exercise group showed lower rates of depression relapse in comparison with both the sertraline and combined groups. Moreover, participants who reported engaging in regular exercise during the follow-up period were more than 50% less likely to be depressed at their 10-month assessment compared to non-exercisers.”   Why is that?

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A Conversation About Childhood Depression With Grace Lester, LMFT

Grace, will you tell me a little about your education and background?

I received a sociology degree from Hanover College and went on to earn my MSSW at the University of Louisville.  I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT ) and I have worked in the field of child and family therapy for 13 years.  Currently, I work as a supervisor and school-based clinician in a community mental health organization.

What do you think is most important for parents to understand about childhood/adolescent depression?
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