16 Things You Don’t Know About Me

16 Things You Don’t Know About Me
  1. I have 3 small children.  I found 2 is my limit but I’ll keep the third.
  2. I’m a little funny.  Unless, of course, you have a sense of humor.  In that case, I’m not funny at all.
  3. I speak a few words and phrases in Albanian.  The term “speak” I use loosely as no real Albanians can understand me.
  4. I was born in the Midwest.  Raised in the South.  Educated in the East.  Now I have found my way back to the Middle.
  5. I really love my mother-in-law but she doesn’t always understand me.  Refer back to #3.
  6. I trained in classical ballet for my entire childhood.  All that remains are a few broken pointe shoes and a love of classical music.  Guess what you do at 12 years old doesn’t always determine the rest of your life.
  7. I hate flying.  I would rather give birth naturally.  I have given birth naturally.  I still prefer it over flying.
  8. I LOVE to travel, which is made difficult by #7.  I fly anyway.  I’m done giving birth.
  9. I know how to moon walk.  True story.  Give me a pair of socks and some nice hardwood floors.
  10. I don’t give my mom enough credit.  She is fearless, determined and optimistic at all costs.  She has learned from life’s lessons.  She has broken her back and broken her head.  I hope to one day learn to be as fearless as her without breaking my head, of course.
  11. My husband is the person I trust most in this world.
  12. I judge people for being judgmental.  Go figure.
  13. The women in my life astonish me with their generosity, support, intelligence and humor.  I don’t understand the phrase, “Women are catty.”
  14. Being a stay-at-home mother is more challenging than I ever dreamed.  I am not always up for the challenge.
  15. Sometimes I peruse the dessert section of Whole Foods and pretend I’m on vacation in a quaint European bakery.  No joke!  Sad. I know.
  16. I have a fondness for Coolio.  I spent my junior year singing, “Gangstas in Paradise,” as I drove my country back roads to school.  I’m neither a gangsta nor was I living in paradise.