17 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Health In 2017

  1. Acknowledge your child’s feelings and then empathize.
  2. Create healthy sleep routines.  Settle and rise the same everyday.
  3. Help your child reduce their cortisol levels.  (laugh, hug, cry, exercise)
  4. Establish daily vigorous exercise routines for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  5. Reduce technology use in your home especially in the evening hours.
  6. Reduce or eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates in your diet.
  7. Try 10 minutes of meditation a day.
  8. Start journaling to sort out troublesome feelings and thoughts.
  9. Make family meals a priority.
  10. Find a fun family activity every member loves and do it together!
  11. Teach your child social skills by role modeling appropriate social behavior.  (Ex: put your phone down and make eye contact while your child or partner is speaking to you.  Everyone likes to feel heard when they are communicating.)
  12. Seek therapy if you, your child or your family is struggling.
  13. Get outside for fresh air and sunlight everyday.
  14. Give your children lots of free time to play.
  15. Reduce or eliminate processed foods from your family’s diet.
  16. Eat whole foods, omega-3 foods, and fermented foods.
  17. Change what isn’t working in your family.