A Fun Feeling Exercise for Kids


Some families are more comfortable discussing their feelings than others.  First of all, be okay with that.  All families are different, each with its own style of operation.  No one is asking that you sit around holding hands all night singing Kum Ba Yah with each other.  Unless that is your thing, then go for it.  I always think it is best to start out simple.  Get the conversation going in a non-threatening way.

I did this exercise time and time again in therapy sessions with children and teens.  I love it because it works, plain and simple.  So give it a whirl at home tonight.

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Can You Pronounce This?


Methylcellulose.  It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue; does it? I am not a linguist.  Surprise! Surprise!  However, I would like to think I have a firm grasp on the English language especially since it is the only language I know.  And methylcellulose makes me question myself.  For one, why am I having difficulty pronouncing it?  Secondly and most importantly, what the heck is it?

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When to Seek Treatment for Your Child

qtq80-ydp43iI hesitated writing this article.  The topic is truly subjective in nature.  For obvious reasons, there is a great deal of weight to the question of whether or not someone should seek help for their family.  If I am correct in my thinking and you are grappling with the answer then my thought is you already have your answer.  Chances are you have been debating for months or even years before clicking on the title of this headline.  So, I ask you.  What is holding you back from making the next step?

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