What Your Child’s Anger Really Means

Anger in a child can be baffling for a parent.  Where did it come from?  And why?  It can trigger your own anger as you see your child begin to spin out of control; lashing out at those closest without provocation or regret.  As a parent, I struggle to keep my angry feelings in check when I see the flares begin to fire from across the room.  I want to rescue one child and reprimand another.

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ADHD: What It Means And How To Help

ADHD is an interesting diagnosis.  Interesting in the sense that so many of the symptoms reflect your average child.  We have to be careful before we wade into the waters of diagnosis.

Please use caution before jumping to any conclusions about the mental health of your child, patient or student.  Inadvertently telling parents their child is ADHD, without a proper clinical diagnosis, is dangerous.   

Children could be exhibiting symptoms of anxiety or depression and NOT ADHD.  Or a child could be exhibiting symptoms of all three diagnoses.  ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression can express themselves similarly in children.

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Why Eating Walnuts May Protect Your Brain

Feed your child walnuts.  Then feed yourself walnuts and, finally, feed your partner walnuts.  You can’t go wrong with the wonders of the walnut.  Walnuts are jam packed with gifts for your brain in the form of manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, folate, thiamine, vitamin E and phosphorus.  Throw in anti-oxidants and melatonin, which regulates your body’s internal clock, and you have one nutrient-dense nut!

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How to Recover from a Parenting Fail

Fail.  How do young people say it these days?  Epic Fail!  You can spell that D-a-n-i-e-l-l-e.  I remember a family vacation out in Vail, Colorado when I was about 16.  I had the bright idea to rent a pair of rollerblades for the afternoon.  There isn’t much to my memory.  I recall the sun was practically blinding and the mountains all but enveloped me as I walked to the local shop.  I didn’t know how to rollerblade, yet, I found myself barreling down a paved street full of people thinking to myself, “I didn’t ask the rental guy how to stop!”

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How To Read Organic Food Labels


Organic.  With Organic Ingredients. Natural. Grass-fed. Grass-finished. Non-GMO.  The labels can be confusing and overwhelming.  I have spent 10 minutes or more staring at multiple egg options in the grocery aisle only to walk away with a dozen different questions running through my mind rather than the dozen eggs I was initially after.

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Quiet Nerves With Green Tea


Green tea is a favorite of mine.  I drink it all morning and into the afternoon.  I drink it hot and cold.  No sugar, no lemon… I take it straight up.  I come from a long line of Terry women who drink their tea by the gallon.  I  joined this distinguished group of women a little over 7 years ago when I decided once, and for all, to kick Diet Dr. Pepper to the curb.  Too afraid I would be lured back in by the deceitfully sweet taste of my zero calorie soft drink; I haven’t cracked a can or swigged a sip since I found out I was pregnant with my second child.  Unlike my aunts and my mother, I do not drink gallons of tea but nothing gives me more pleasure when I first wake in the early hours of the morning and now I know why.

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