Boys Vs. Girls: The Gender Differences In Depression


Gender. Gender.  It seems it has become a complicated topic but one that is worthy of our attention.  While we like to think boys and girls are created equal (p.s.- they are), they do differentiate when it comes to the case of depression.  So turn on your listening ears eyes.  Wait, listening eyes doesn’t work.  Correction: Open those pretty eagle eyes and pay close attention.  The details are sometimes minor; however, it is vital we catch the little red flags that occasionally wave across our sight unbeknownst to the most astute parent.

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How Snacking Behaviors Can Work Against Us

Children like love snacks.  Ask any kid.  They don’t want breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Who wants a crazy thing like a meal when you can have… wait for it, wait for it… a bag of snacks!  We wonder why our children aren’t hungry at meal time and then realize they have quietly been grazing their way through the day. Doesn’t allow for the hunger pangs to exactly set in, does it?  Don’t worry.  I am not being one of those judgy (is that a word?) moms.  I’m guilty as charged.  In fact, I am guiltier (really I should work on my grammar) because I actually write a blog about food and emotional health and all that jazz.  Anyway,  where were we? Keep on reading>

The Truth Behind Moods And Foods 4 Kids (Q & A)


What is the purpose of your blog? I am hoping to create a change in the conversation surrounding mental health especially for the sake of children.  I grew tired of the public discourse: anti-depressants or not? I didn’t see anyone writing about nutrition.  I didn’t see anyone discussing exercise.  I didn’t see anyone taking a holistic angle to mental health for children and adolescents.  There is so much more to add to the conversation.  I wanted to open the discussion.  We have to admit the medical model is not working.  If it were, we wouldn’t have the statistics we have currently.  A 400% increase in children using psychotropic medications since the 1980’s has not slowed the march of mental illness in America.  A suicide rate that has doubled among teens in the last 10 years; a 30% increase in anxiety and depression among adolescents – these are horrifying trends.  As a parent and as a therapist, I felt that we were missing some very basic connections and that is the purpose of my blog – to make the connections for people.  And I want to help people.  Ultimately, help as many people as I can.

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Why I Want My Kids To Fail

Despite the best of intentions, modern parents are ushering their children by the droves into emotional mousetraps.  Caught between a parent’s own desire for enmeshment and rapidly shifting societal norms, children are left ill-equipped to navigate the spectrum of their own emotions.  The trends tell a story of children and adolescents, who are facing suicidal ideation and behavior; children who are medicated by the truckloads; children who are – for loss of a better word, unraveling.

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How To Feed Your Kids On A Road Trip

I don’t think Laura Ingalls Wilder had to deal with this on the prairie. But I have a car and she had a wagon so I guess we’ll call it even.

A road trip is the quintessential American vacation.  Despite the sibling infighting and peppered threats of “pulling this car over,” from the parental cockpit, countless happy memories flood my head of our road trips to anywhere.  Oversized pillows that never made me comfortable and car games that involved nothing but our boredom unraveled were a small price to pay for the excitement and adventure the journey ignited.  I have no memories of what we ate but I am almost certain it was whatever the road provided.

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Turn Pancakes Into A Brainy Breakfast

Looks yummy, doesn’t it?! Well, it can be good for you too depending on how you work it. I am the queen of swapping ingredients in recipes.  My family wants to eat flavorful food just as much as anyone else so I try to take what would be considered a “bad food” and jazz it up in the health department.  Now, I don’t think pancakes should replace vegetables.  But I do think a healthy lifestyle focused on whole body health (and that does include the often neglected brain) can include delicious food thought to be too naughty to consume.  Try this at home:

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