A Few Things I Learned About Myself As A Mom On Mother’s Day

When I am not swimming in laundry or dirty dishes, I like to take a few minutes to reflect on who I am as a mother.  Because I am always trying to stay afloat, this rarely happens.  Until this year.  This year I celebrated and stole moments to silence the chaos and this is what I found out about myself as mother:

  1. The day after Mother’s Day is a real bummer for me.  I rather enjoy being celebrated as a goddess even if it is mandatory worship.
  2. I look forward to the holiday as it affords me some much needed time to myself.  Only to find out once I get the time alone – I don’t know what to do with my new found independence.
  3. I don’t mind that I don’t know what to do with myself for a few hours.  Kinda nice.
  4. My children teach me more about myself than I could ever learn on my own.  I don’t know that I always like what I learn.
  5. It has been way too long since I have used the ladies room without invasion.
  6. I ate 1 chocolate and gained 4 pounds.  What is going on here?
  7. I can handle a joke…Like when my 3 year-old boy tells me on Mother’s Day morning, “You are the meanest mom in the whole world!”
  8. Wait a minute.  Maybe I can’t handle his “jokes.”
  9. I wish my children were fluent in Albanian.  Then I wouldn’t understand them.
  10. Nothing else to #9.  That’s it.
  11. I need to laugh more.
  12. I recently convinced my husband we should buy a puppy for our 3 small children.  How disturbed am I?
  13. Exercise really does make me calmer.  Now if only I could find someone to do it for me.
  14. I don’t like to share my tea with my children.  Like really don’t like to share it.  Maybe I shouldn’t always emphasize to my children the need to share 🙂
  15. My husband is a true partner.  I will always be on his team.
  16. I have been lost and found in motherhood – simultaneously.
  17. As a mother, I have more questions than answers.  I’ve come to find that is okay.
  18. When the kids aren’t in the car I like to turn the radio really loud and pretend I am cool and hip and free.  I’m finding out Coolio isn’t so “cool” anymore.  Refer to my previous post about Gangstas In Paradise here.  Don’t worry, you will be only slightly sorry you clicked the above link.
  19. I want to be left alone and bothered at the same time.  What is that about?
  20. I don’t have to be the best at everything in motherhood.  I’m competing with no one else but myself.  Good thing.  Refer back to #7.

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