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Hi! I’m Danielle Miller.  Welcome to my blog.

I’m a wife, mother, and child and family therapist.  If you are interested in improving the emotional health of your family and, specifically, your children then please take note of my site.

I prescribe to no specific diets or gimmicks but instead choose to focus on nourishing my family and now your family with a holistic approach to healing.  After graduating from Boston College with a M.S.W. in 2005, I moved to Indiana to begin a career as  a clinical social worker.  I found that talk therapy was only one piece of the puzzle and I wanted to help my clients put the pieces of the puzzle together for themselves. So we talked through issues, developed action plans, created meditation and spiritual practices, ushered in new sleep routines, exercise routines, and eating routines. What I found in all of this is how quick we are, as a society, to want to by-pass all of these needed steps and jump to medication and not address the real root of the problem.

Over the next several years, I worked in the school system and became a  mother three times over. I began to notice a connection between the foods we were eating (or not eating for that matter) and behavior I was seeing in my child clients. Not only did many of their diets consist primarily of processed foods laden with sugar, they were overscheduled and underconnected.  I was seeing children who were not fairly diagnosed.  They weren’t depressed or ADHD, their brains were simply undernourished and acutely stressed. In all of this, my passion for nutrition and holistic living began to take shape.

I can promise you I am no doctor or dietician. I cannot create miracles on my blog. But I can promise you the information that I share on my blog is the same information I pass on to my family and closest friends.  It is information I utilize every day with the people I love the most; my own children and husband. My intention is to help my family live happy, healthy, fruitful lives and now with this blog I hope to pass this intention on to you. We can improve the moods of our children in part through the foods we consume and the way we choose to live. Our kids deserve better. Let’s do this together. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Take care,





Disclaimer: Danielle Miller, LSCSW is not a trained dietician or medical professional. Danielle Miller is a trained therapist only.  This website is written and produced for informational purposes only.  This blog is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.  Never dismiss the advice of your mental health professional.  You agree to hold us harmless from and against any demand, claim or cause of action, including any arising out of claims based on any aspect of use by you or others of this website.