Check Out Chickpeas For Your Mental Health

Check Out Chickpeas For Your Mental Health


 The glorious chickpea, when consumed at appropriate levels (it is hard not to go crazy with these guys), fills us with necessary nutrients to send us on a path of good health.  If you are looking for an array of vitamins and minerals; search no further.  Chickpeas are compact weapons of mass restoration: iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, folate, manganese, protein and fiber.

Oh, yeah.  AND magnesium, potassium, selenium, Vitamin B6, calcium, Vitamin K and thiamin.

Chickpeas are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, which means, unlike your morning bagel, chickpeas do not quickly spike your blood sugar and cause unnecessary and feel-bad hormone fluctuations throughout your body.  Chickpeas are top-notch when it comes to stabilizing your blood sugar.  I don’t know about you but I like my blood sugar normal.  No one needs a “hangry” mama around this house.  Stabilized blood sugar means a stabilized mood.  And we all know we want to help our children and ourselves even out that mood!

How can you eat chickpeas?

  • Roasted and plain or if you are feeling jazzy add differing spices.  (Looking for something a bit sweet? Try honey and cinnamon.)
  • Hummus anyone?
  • Maybe a falafel?
  • Add them to a salad of any kind.
  • Or make an actual salad out of them.  (I found a recipe for curry chickpea salad that would make the staunchest meat-eater drool.) 
  • Utilize their flour and make Socca (a flatbread).

Don’t forget chickpeas or garbanzo beans (you pick the name you like best) contain magnesium.  You will find magnesium come up over and over again in my articles as it is vital to relaxing blood vessels and encouraging blood flow to the brain.  And relaxed blood vessels aren’t the only benefit, magnesium relaxes the mind and body.  Unfortunately, many of our children don’t get enough.  Decrease stress and anxiety with magnesium and grab a handful of chickpeas! You can’t go wrong!