Drastically Reduce Anxiety With This Intervention

Anxiety can leave a person feeling as if they are drowning.  It sweeps over the body with intensity – each wave larger than the next.  But how you think about each wave completely changes whether you sink or swim.  And it is as simple as that.  Change the thought pattern and you change the feeling.

  • What you must do is view the anxiety as a wave.
  • We all know waves rise and then they fall.  Anxiety is the same.
  • You must ride the wave of anxiety until it peaks and allow it to wash over you.
  • As the wave increases, you relax into the anxiety.
  • No matter how difficult it may be you do not walk away from the wave.
  • Welcome the wave of anxiety.  Relax into the wave of anxiety.  Even say to yourself repeatedly – I can relax into the anxiety.
  • Feel how the anxiety works its way through your body.  The wave will rise and then it will fall.
  • The more you practice this approach the more your brain will begin to understand there is no real threat.  Your brain will then tell your body to relax.
  • And you will know you are capable of riding the wave.

Teach your child this approach.  Help talk him/her through the anxiety.  Once they understand the symptoms of anxiety are not something to fear – the wave of anxiety will wash away.


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