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Get Right With Raspberries

Get Right With Raspberries


I love berries. And chances are- you do too!  Beyond their wonderful taste, here a few reasons to make raspberries a new weekly addition in your family’s diet.  Raspberries are extremely low in sugar.  5 grams to an entire cup!  Perfect for those who are trying to follow a low-sugar lifestyle.  Dr. Axe states, “Raspberries are very low on the glycemic index ranking as a 3 in glycemic load. Low-glycemic foods, such as raspberries, have little impact on blood sugar, ultimately helping stabilize it. Overall, it makes this low-sugar and high-fiber food option a great choice to include in any diabetic diet plan.”  If you follow my blog, you know that destabilized blood sugar lends itself to a destabilized mood.  If we want to improve our mood with our food; raspberries are one way to do it.

Raspberries contain the following: vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K, magnesium (good-bye anxiety), folate (welcome calm nerves), copper, vitamin E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantothenic acid and phosphorus.  Shall I go on?

Raspberries are powerful little antioxidants known for their ability to ease the flow of blood and improve heart health.  Well, I deduce if it gets the blood flowing to improve the heart; the blood must be flowing quite well to the head.  So there you go…eating these tiny pieces of magic bedazzles your body and, the often neglected in conversation, brain!  And it doesn’t stop at your brain.  Raspberries address the topic of pain.

Studies have found the polyphenols in this pretty berry ease arthritic pain.  For those who suffer from chronic pain, us therapists know that depression, in many cases, follows.  If we can help reduce pain by eating raspberries; odds are we can help improve mood.  Am I simplifying?  Yes.  But I do so to illustrate a point and I will continue to do so until we are all more than aware that food does have the ability to improve your mood.  Now go get your raspberry on!