Grapes Get The Green Light For Brain Health

Grapes are a sweet reminder that summer produces the most delicious desserts.  No baking required.  With every bite, they ignite the taste buds for kids and adults alike.  Tasty frozen or raw, grapes are versatile in the nutrition department.  Not only can you satisfy a sweet tooth with a handful of grapes, you can obtain the following vitamins and minerals: vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, potassium, and thiamine.  And the bus doesn’t stop there.  The juicy grape gives you riboflavin, fiber and a wee bit of protein.  For those of you who thought protein is only available in animal products; it just isn’t true.  Plants have protein too!

The magical grape aids in developing a healthy brain.  Dr. Axe found a few important studies and they “suggest that the consumption of flavonoid-rich grape products may have a significant beneficial effect on brain function and the central nervous system. Grape flavonoids, specifically anthocyanins, can prevent neurodegenerative processes both by inhibition of neuro-inflammation and by reducing oxidative stress.”  In layman’s terms: Grapes keep your brain safe from age-related decline, inflammation and nasty, toxic stress – all of which have been shown to impair the superior functioning of the brain.

Who knew?  Maybe you did but I didn’t.  All the more reason to feed my children grapes.  And let me kick it up just one more notch.  Grapes are anti-everything you don’t want.  For instance, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-allergic and anti-cancer all wrapped up into one tiny grape.  They happen to be low on the glycemic index (think stable blood sugar) and high on melatonin (think stable sleep patterns).  Check and check!

Remember conventional grapes are covered in pesticides.  If you can afford to swing over to the organic aisle, I would suggest you do when it comes to these mouth-watering gems.  The EWG has designated it on the dirty dozen list, a  dirty list no one wants to top.  So drop the rainbow-colored popsicles and reach for a handful of sweet grapes.  Know with every bite your child eats, they are helping themselves form a healthier brain.