I’m Not Waiting Anymore

I am not waiting anymore.  I am not waiting for another study to tell me how to behave.  I am not waiting for pharmaceutical companies to finally act in an ethical manner.  I am not waiting for major food corporations to take responsibility for their wrongdoing.  I am not waiting for someone else to give me the answers because I already have them.  We all have them.  However, we are led to believe otherwise.

All we have to do is look around.  If you are reading this…stop what you are doing and think about the people you know.  Think about your family members, friends, and co-workers.  Now when you see their warm smiles light up in your mind; think to yourself how many have been diagnosed with an illness.  Or who have had children diagnosed with an illness. Depression?  Anxiety? OCD? Autism? ADHD?  Now realize many may have been diagnosed who have never disclosed this information to you.  And many yet may have the symptoms but avoid treatment.  So round up when counting.  Should I continue on? Diabetes, Heart disease and every Cancer that has scourged the Earth?  I don’t think there is a person in the United States who has not been touched with illness and significant illness at that.  We aren’t talking about the common cold but I can tell you what – we mine as well talk about these ailments as if they are the most recent cold you caught because it appears disease is spreading with the ease of a minor sneeze gone uncovered.

I am filled with anger when I contemplate the utter lack of accountability in the very governments and institutions that are upheld to protect us.  We are becoming ill at an alarming rate despite medical intervention. How many statistics and scientific studies do we need to prove things are horribly wrong?  I don’t believe in fear mongering but I do believe in the truth and I think we are being sold a bill of goods.  We are told we are powerless.  We are told we don’t own the capacity to make competent decisions for our families.  We need to consume. We need to buy without questioning.  We are not connecting the dots between the chemicals that concentrate in the food we eat and illnesses that surface in our children and our families.

So do we idly sit back and simply wait for the diagnosis? 

I want for each of us to push back.  Push back against the tide. Push back against the impulse to remain silent.  Do we accept it as a certain fate that may befall us or do we get busy changing our ways?  It is so tempting to blame our “bad genes” and render ourselves helpless.

I implore you to inform yourself and consider the impact before taking medication rather than altering your daily habits.  If you seek medication please understand the side effects and the implications.  Please work with a skilled psychiatrist.  Please look at it as a short-term solution that you utilize while attempting to alleviate your symptoms holistically.  Medication may “treat” illness by suppressing symptoms but it is not preventing illness.  Research is not solving the point in its entirety.  We can’t ask that someone else be responsible for our lives.  We have to take our children’s health back. Take our health back.  It is made to look as if it is complicated but it is not.  What you put into your mouth affects your body.  Our bodies are designed to consume food from the Earth and, unfortunately, what you find on many American shelves is not food at all.  How sick as a population do we have to get before we understand this and actively work to change it?

I am hopeful.  I believe people want to live healthier and longer lives.  I believe people want better for their children.  I think we are beginning to see that our actions have finally caught up with us.  And I think we are going to turn things around.  We are going to make little changes for our little children.  We are going to talk about what no one else is talking about.  We are going to spread the word.  Join the cause.  Exercise daily and feel the sun on our skin.  Give our children fruits and vegetables rather than cookies and cakes. We are going to drive past the fast food chains instead of driving thru the fast food chains.  We are going to embrace the change that is so desperately needed.  We aren’t going to judge other’s food choices;  we are simply going to make the best food choices for ourselves we can. It all begins in our home.  We have the power in every bite we take and in every bite we serve.  And we are not going to wait anymore.





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  1. I totally agree with you. I wish everyone would realize what we put in our mouth changes our well being , in more ways than one.

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