Kefir and Three Little Bears

Kefir and Three Little Bears


Don’t worry! This is NOT a post about kefir. It was GOING to be a post about the health benefits of this delicious breakfast bowl but my children thought otherwise. No, this post is about the struggles we all face feeding our children something weird like REAL FOOD.

Who does that? Who buys and then puts together actual food for their children to eat in the morning? I suppose a lunatic because that is how I was treated when my three baby bears woke up this morning and made their way into the kitchen.

The oldest bear rolled her eyes in disgust at my grassfed kefir, ground flax seed and Canadian freakin’ wild blueberries. Really, Canada isn’t good enough for you?

My baby bear happily ate his kefir. He loved it so much he was flinging it all over my counter and I was struggling to keep up with the mess and then…then the middle bear awoke!

She stomped to her stool; took one look at her breakfast and fell like a sack of potatoes to the ground. I lovingly played along as if I didn’t know she was having a nervous breakdown and asked, “Why middle bear are you so upset?” She sobs with a deep roar, “You know I don’t like yogurt (I think, “well, actually it’s kefir, my ungrateful bear”) I have never liked yogurt and now I am not going to school!” Great! So not only are you not going to eat my breakfast; you are going to punish me by staying home. Oh no! Not on my watch. Goldilocks has things to do today. And by the way, porridge for everyone tomorrow. Goldilocks isn’t messing around!

Moral of the story: If you are struggling to feed your kids real food, remember you are NOT alone in your adventure. It is something I do everyday and I STILL struggle. But I refuse to take the path of least resistance. And you should know, middle bear ate her “yogurt!”