5 Natural Ways To Establish Healthy Sleep Routines For Your Child

Sleep can elude the smallest of children.  Many parents struggle to maintain calm evenings in an attempt to give their little ones a restful sleep.  As a result, a time for relaxing and sweet dreams turns to nightmares for all involved.  Dear parents, don’t give up!  Developing a healthy sleep routine will help your child throughout his/her life.  Knowing how to ease themselves from relaxation into a deep slumber is a necessary skill, which leads to a healthier body and mind.

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2 Simple Ways To Make Eating Healthy, Quick And Inexpensive

Most people would equate healthy eating with the notion that it will take heaps of time and money, therefore, they glide through a drive-thru in an attempt to avoid the inconvenience of cooking and the expense of shopping.  But I think that is where the Western mentality gets it absolutely wrong. It is cheaper to cook at home. It is healthier to cook at home.  And it does not have to take an inordinate amount of time to do it.

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How To Take The Happy Out Of A Happy Camper

I thought it was time for a summer P.S.A.  Your little camper might not have a happy tummy with these Happy Camper Cakes. And while the taste of pure sugar may momentarily make your child smile, his or her mood will soon turn sour from the effects of disregulated blood sugar levels and the hormonal shifts it creates. Not to mention the artificial ingredients seem to outnumber the real ingredients.  Actually, I was hard pressed to find any real ingredients.  And as a parent, I like to steer clear from items which represent food but are, in fact, not actually food.  Maybe it’s just me but I want my food to rot.  But I will leave it up to you to decide what you find to be acceptable. For now, read along.

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Maybe It Wouldn’t Be So Hard To Be A Modern Mom If…


Motherhood.  The topic I confess can be a bore.  It can be a subject of contention.  It can be a recipe for mayhem.  It can be the best of everything in your life.  It can make you feel as though you have lost whatever was left of your mind. It can be your reason for living.  It can be all the beauty you see in the world.  It can be your fears breathing outside of yourself free to roam as they please.

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Random Thoughts On Gardens And Thumbs

Photo courtesy of my dear friend, Laura Forssell – a nonmurderer of gardens.

I wish the garden could be my medicine cabinet.  But it can never be my medicine cabinet.  Because I kill gardens.  Even when I try not to kill gardens.  I under water my pots.  I go three, four or five days without watering my pots.  Then I realize I have neglected my garden.  So I over water my pots.  I over water to compensate for the poor decision to under water, which in fact is just another poor decision.

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Peas: The Gateway Green Vegetable

Kale is all the rage these days.  It’s touted as a super food for its superior nutrition but the average kid isn’t going to bring a wilted piece of kale within five inches of his or her sweet little lips for two reasons usually.  One: it is green.  Two: it is a leaf. So what is a parent to do?  You could get into a battle over dinner about the kale that has found its way to your child’s plate or you could escort a new little guy into town.  Welcome my friends to the gateway green vegetable – the pea.

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How The Arts Can Improve Your Child’s Emotional Health

Tired from a night of intense practice, I sat on the dance floor with my friends and we laughed as we unwound the ribbons that curled around our small ankles.  As we pulled our feet from our broken pointe shoes and rolled back the thin layer of pink tights, our feet reflected our exhaustion.  Swollen, slightly bloodied and aching, we hardly noticed the pain as we chattered in unison.  Minutes before we were pushing our bodies to exceed their limits as we flew across the dance studio, whipping our legs into the air with precise instruction from the counts of the classical music and the snap of our ballet teacher’s fingers.  1…2…3…4…, “Again, girls!” 5…6…7…8, “Again!” And so the evening would progress by the count of 8.

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Boys Vs. Girls: The Gender Differences In Depression


Gender. Gender.  It seems it has become a complicated topic but one that is worthy of our attention.  While we like to think boys and girls are created equal (p.s.- they are), they do differentiate when it comes to the case of depression.  So turn on your listening ears eyes.  Wait, listening eyes doesn’t work.  Correction: Open those pretty eagle eyes and pay close attention.  The details are sometimes minor; however, it is vital we catch the little red flags that occasionally wave across our sight unbeknownst to the most astute parent.

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How Snacking Behaviors Can Work Against Us

Children like love snacks.  Ask any kid.  They don’t want breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Who wants a crazy thing like a meal when you can have… wait for it, wait for it… a bag of snacks!  We wonder why our children aren’t hungry at meal time and then realize they have quietly been grazing their way through the day. Doesn’t allow for the hunger pangs to exactly set in, does it?  Don’t worry.  I am not being one of those judgy (is that a word?) moms.  I’m guilty as charged.  In fact, I am guiltier (really I should work on my grammar) because I actually write a blog about food and emotional health and all that jazz.  Anyway,  where were we? Keep on reading>