Random Thoughts On Gardens And Thumbs

Photo courtesy of my dear friend, Laura Forssell – a nonmurderer of gardens.

I wish the garden could be my medicine cabinet.  But it can never be my medicine cabinet.  Because I kill gardens.  Even when I try not to kill gardens.  I under water my pots.  I go three, four or five days without watering my pots.  Then I realize I have neglected my garden.  So I over water my pots.  I over water to compensate for the poor decision to under water, which in fact is just another poor decision.

Did you know over watering is a thing? I didn’t. For five years, I didn’t know this.  Until a local farmer at my child’s school set me straight.  Why did no one tell me this before?  Even water has to be given in moderation.  Geez!

My mother can make anything grow. She can plant a seed and the following week it appears to bear fruit.  I go home with the same seed and nothing.  I suspect this has something to do with under watering and over watering.

So I get my medicine from other’s gardens.  And by medicine I mean food. I’m not into illegal gardens.  The farmer’s market is more my speed.  Where young farmers and old farmers bring their hard-earned produce to sell for peanuts.  Well, not actual peanuts.  But I bet they sell those too.

I wish I had a green thumb.  I guess I will settle for just a thumb.  It’s good to have thumbs.

For more insightful wisdom…Stay tuned.