Moods and Foods 4 Kids provides a free 30 minute phone consultation.  

Finding the right therapist for your teen, child or family makes all the difference in your treatment outcomes.  My free consultation is not a sales pitch.  It is an opportunity for you to decide if my practice perspective will align with your needs.


I find traditional weekly therapy appointments are many times not enough.  Therapy is unnecessarily prolonged by the infrequency of sessions.   Moods and Foods 4 Kids is unique its approach.  I am available to work with you twice a week during the first month.  As we progress in treatment we will begin to taper sessions according to clinical need.  The idea is not to keep you in therapy for an extended period.  While there is no time frame on healing, I would rather help you work through your goals in a timely rate so you can have your child and family functioning at its best as soon as possible.

Ongoing therapy appointments are typically scheduled for 60 minutes, but may be shorter or longer if clinically appropriate.  Unlike other providers, Moods and Foods 4 Kids is centered around home based services and online sessions.  As a result, I offer greater flexibility.  I am currently available for sessions Monday through Friday in the evening hours.  Moods and Foods 4 Kids does provide Saturday sessions. 


All consultations and appointments may be scheduled by calling: (316) 249-3969.


Moods and Foods 4 Kids believes in the client and therapist having control over therapeutic treatment interventions.   I believe strongly in confidentiality and I do not believe a diagnosis is always necessary especially in the cases of children and teens.  Often diagnosing a client can be counterproductive to my therapy approach.  As a result,  I operate on a private pay system.  I want to provide you with most effective treatment that is not dictated by insurance companies who interfere in quality of care.

I do not work with insurance companies for the following reasons:

  • In order for an insurance company to cover your therapy services a diagnosis must be made. This diagnosis then becomes a permanent part of your child’s health care record.
  • The insurance company has a right to review all of your clinical records at their discretion.  Your confidentiality is compromised.
  • Most insurance companies require a deductible to be met which means you are likely to be paying out of pocket regardless.

HSA/Flex Spending accounts can cover 100% of your session fees.  We can provide a receipt for you to submit to receive reimbursement. Moods and Foods 4 Kids accepts cash or credit card.

Moods and Foods 4 Kids collects payment at the beginning of each session.

It is important to note with cognitive behavioral therapy the average length of sessions is 16.  It may be more or less depending on your clinical needs.

Please call (316) 249-3969 to learn more about our hourly rates.