Strawberries Surprise With Stress-Fighting Superpowers

Strawberries Surprise With Stress-Fighting Superpowers



You will be hard-pressed to find a child that doesn’t adore strawberries.  Unadulterated, strawberries are sometimes tart but always sweet enough to keep you coming back for more and more and, you got it, more.  Now I know why I feel so good when I sit down with a small – okay, large bowl.  While doing research, I was pleasantly surprised to learn interesting facts about the delicious strawberry.

First of all, it makes an orange look like a loser when it comes to Vitamin C.  Strawberries contain 85 mg per cup compared to 70 mg in a medium-sized orange.  Why is no one on television telling me to drink strawberry juice with every breakfast?  All jokes aside, we can’t depend on advertising to always tell the truth.  Good thing you have me to do the digging! Ok.  Now we know strawberries lead the pack with Vitamin C.  But what else is going on in that juicy, red berry?

Strawberries are overflowing with manganese.  Manga-what? Manganese is an essential trace mineral needed for several system functions.  Because I write primarily about brain health; I will focus on what it does for the brain, which is rather significant.  It helps manage blood sugar, which is essential to an even mood.  Nobody wants a hangry kid running around.  And, it also, alleviates irritability, depression and headaches. Last but not least, manganese speeds up cognitive function. Oh and wait! I almost forgot!  Obviously, my cognitive function is not up to par.  Manganese fights inflammation in the body.  Really, you can accomplish all of this by consuming strawberries.  Eating strawberries is a pretty powerful act of preserving your child’s brain health when you consider everything that is going on underneath its little green top.

And I’m not done yet.  Strawberries contain more than just Vitamin C and manganese.  This lovely berry holds folate, fiber, Vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6.  Strawberries, like other berries, contain high levels of flavonoids, which fight oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain.  Essentially, it means those flavonoids are busy at work preventing the aging of your brain.  Kinda important if you want to remember your name in old age.

Instead of reaching for a granola bar, grab a handful of strawberries.  Keep in mind, the EWG has designated strawberries as #1 AGAIN on the Dirty Dozen List.  If you buy anything organic, please make sure it is strawberries, otherwise you will get a healthy dose of pesticides in every portion.

On another note, it is nearing summer. I thought this little PSA might be a bit off-topic but necessary.  Preventing skin cancer is not just about avoiding excess sun exposure.  Eating a diet rich in berries aids your skin in preventing skin cancer.  So enjoy the sun in moderation while enjoying your strawberries!