I called Macon, Georgia my home for roughly 7 years of my life so you could say I am partial to the peach.  Little did I know how powerful and potent they can be in establishing and maintaining good health. Be a peach: Read on and you too will find out why southerners adore this tasty stone fruit!

Peaches are packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, potassium and magnesium.  Oh, magnesium- the mineral our minds need to put our worries to rest! Now, we need all minerals and vitamins to keep our mental health humming but magnesium keeps us humming peacefully.

If this wasn’t enough for you, peaches are mighty fighters of inflammation.  Doctors and scientists can’t say enough about the need to consume anti-inflammatory foods as they are finding inflammation is at the root of most disease.  Dr. Axe reported, “peach nutrition stops the production of inflammatory cytokines and suppresses the release of histamines in the bloodstream that cause allergic reactions. Fresh pulp and peel from peaches have serious fighting power against inflammation that causes cell death in the body, making peaches excellent anti-inflammatory foods.”  You heard it. Or read it in this case.  Doctors orders: Eat a peach!

One more thing – peaches support eye health, destroy candida fungus (yeast, be gone!), and keeps your gut health in check.  Many people with mental health struggles also grapple with intestinal problems.  So why not kill two birds with one stone? Or one stone fruit in this case!

Too much good news to handle, I know! Not to be a Debbie Downer but our sweet peaches are high on the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list. To avoid a mouth full of pesticides, buy organic. (*organic doesn’t mean perfection either but, unless, you are willing to grow a peach orchard in your backyard – it’s your best option.)  If organic is too pricey for your budget, don’t worry!  Soak your peaches in water and vinegar to help remove some of the excess harmful residue.  And remember, buying fruit in season almost always lowers the cost.  Buy now! Summer is the season for peaches!